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Alkanes are some of the most abundant organic molecules, yet currently there are no efficient ways of directly converting them to more functional molecules. One viable method of direct functionalization is C–H bond activation by transition metal catalysts. The focus of this research has been the synthesis of a new Pt(II) pincer complex to be used in mechanistic investigations of C–H activation, as well as the beginnings of those investigations. The complex [NNON]PtMe was successfully synthesized. Reactions with various acids indicated that [NNON]PtMe is capable of reductively eliminating methane after addition of two equivalents of acid. Reactions with methylating agents indicated that [NNON]PtMe was methylated at the O substituent of the ligand rather than at the Pt center after the addition of one equivalent. Reductive elimination of ethane follows after a second addition. These results call for more detailed investigations into the mechanism of elimination. So far, [NNoN]PtMe has been a promising molecule for the study of C–H activation.