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Campus Only Senior Thesis

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Bachelor of Arts


Media Studies

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Nancy Macko

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Carlin Wing

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2020 Zayn K Singh


Over the last five years, Silicon Valley has only seen an increase in the disparity between men and women working in tech. Only 5% of women are C-Suite executives at the top tech companies in the world and even more so, only 48% of women hold managerial positions in tech compared to the 62% of men who hold those same positions. The working conditions for women technologists is not seeing an improvement and the need to critically examine and question this phenomenon has been brought to attention. In order to critically examine and model the working conditions for women in tech, I created a 2D platformer video game that engages in the theoretical contexts of meaningful and critical play. The game utilizes meaningful play by creating distinct relationships between the player actions and the system outcomes through discernible and integrated actions. From there the game enables critical play by acting as a technology to intervene in the social context of games by abstracting and defamiliarizing both the player actions and the game’s form to provide space for social critique.

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