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Environmental Analysis

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2019 Mia G Kania


The concept of resilience and the methods and process of building it are as-of-yet undefined, set, or universally agreed upon. However, as the need to build resilience’s essential components, i.e. “the capacity of social, economic, and environmental systems to cope with a hazardous event or trend or disturbance,” increases, the urgency to understand the driving factors behind the concept and develop effective methods to foster these capacities grows as well. To gain insight into how climate change preparations can best facilitate resilience in their target communities, therefore, this thesis explores the concept of resilience as it is built, practiced, and manifested in Massachusetts. Because of how grossly physical efforts can and often do overlook already vulnerable communities, I focus on the critical nature of creating social bonds, resilience hubs, and cultures of empathy, responsibility, and climate awareness in building resilient communities through incorporating a community-based, justice-informed framework into resilience-building.