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Foreign language anxiety (FLA) has been found to have a negative impact on the motivation to learn foreign languages in many previous research studies. However, recent studies have found that massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) in particular provided an environment that positively impacted English as a second language (ESL) acquisition. However, there is a lack of study on the Japanese language and Japanese MMORPGs. Therefore, the current study aims to look at Japanese FLA and integrative motivation in a Japanese MMORPG learning environment as compared to a Japanese classroom learning environment with a sample of 132 English native speakers interested in Japanese in the US. It is predicted that lower Japanese language anxiety (JLA) and higher integrative motivation will be experienced while learning Japanese in MMORPGs than in a classroom setting. A mediation of JLA on the correlation between time spent in MMORPGs and integrative motion was also predicted. The study suggests an alternative way of learning Japanese.