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Campus Only Senior Thesis

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Bachelor of Arts


Organizational Studies

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Jeff Lewis

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Nancy Macko

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Ana Cherry


Innovative technological solutions are not always readily adopted by organizations. This thesis investigates business strategies that tech startups can implement to increase the prospect of innovative technology adoption in change-resistant organizations. The K-12 human capital tech startup, Nimble, is used as a case study to support this investigation. I examine the following research questions: 1. What are the specific barriers to Nimble’s tech adoption in K-12 school districts? and 2. What business strategies has Nimble implemented to increase the prospect of adoption in K-12 school districts? To conduct this research, I interviewed the CEO of Nimble. Findings from the interview conclude that organizational inertia, inexperience with technology, bureaucratic decision-making, and attitudes towards switching costs are barriers to Nimble’s adoption in K-12 school districts. In addition, building a credible team, selecting early adopters, prioritizing direct sales outreach, creating education and awareness focused marketing, and engaging customers as product collaborators are business strategies that increased the prospect of Nimble’s adoption in K-12 school districts.

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