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Nayana Bose

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Sean Flynn

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The tobacco industry and restrictive policies have a pre-existing relationship. The addictive nature of the products sold by the tobacco industry, causes harmful health side effects in individuals that resort to it as a coping mechanism or as a leisure activity. With smarter marketing efforts and the connectivity of the internet, newer products now appeal to more and more young adults that think smoking is “cool.” As more and more e-cigarette devices can now be spotted on college campuses, are restrictive policies helping stop the spread? This thesis analyzes the impact of the restrictive policies such as the FDA policy of 2016 on the tobacco industry by comparing the sales, price, profit, and revenues of cigarette and e-cigarette companies from 2015 to 2019. While the FDA policy of 2016 was meant to curb the tobacco industry, results of the difference-in-difference analysis indicate that it might have culminated in e-cigarettes becoming a substitute good instead.

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