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In the 2020 Presidential Election, Joe Biden and Donald Trump acknowledged the importance of the plurality of the Latinx community in the targeting of Latinx voters through the use of Spanish advertisements. This shift in political strategy as seen in the microtargeting of the Latinx community in the 2020 election was the first time that the Latinx electorate was treated as a political entity with diversity. In my semiotic analysis of the Biden and Trump 2020 Spanish advertisements, I seek to answer two questions. First of all: How was the Latinx electorate perceived by the Democratic and Republican campaigns in the Spanish television advertisements during the 2020 Presidential Election? Second of all: How can these advertisements help us understand not only the role of the Latinx community in politics, but also how the nature of the two party system is understood in terms of their separate yet similar political agendas? My hypothesis is that this shift in the advertising strategies of both the Democratic and the Republican party reveals the core neoliberal values of both parties.