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Past research has found higher levels of parental stress in Asian American families of children with developmental disabilities as compared to their non-Asian counterparts. This study examined whether this trend remains in the setting of the COVID-19 global pandemic, as well as considering the relationships between parental stress and COVID-19 stressors, the experience of discrimination during the pandemic, the type and severity of developmental disability, and child age. This study used a sequential explanatory mixed methods approach to quantitatively measure parental stress in 48 Asian American and 62 non-Asian American parents, and qualitatively collect data regarding the specific personal experiences of a subset of these families during the COVID-19 pandemic. As expected, the Asian American parents demonstrated higher levels of parental stress than the non-Asian American parents, and all parents perceived the COVID-19 pandemic as a stressful experience that has significantly impacted both themselves and their children with developmental disabilities. This research has important implications for supporting and advocating for Asian American and non-Asian American families of children with developmental disabilities in times of crisis.

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