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My capstone project was participating in a yearlong Harvey Mudd Computer Science Clinic Project. My clinic project was sponsored by the Estée Lauder Companies (ELC), and was specifically intended to benefit their subsidiary, Clinique Laboratories, LLC. The project assignment was largely initiated by the challenges of the CoViD-19 pandemic and broadly asked for a software solution that would serve to increase Clinique’s online presence. Based on our own software experiences, brainstorm sessions with ELC liaisons, and practical considerations, my team decided to build a native mobile app. Our first semester of work focused on exploratory research, feature ideation, and design, and during the second semester we began development. Our mobile app includes traditional e-commerce, a personalized skincare dashboard, and a robust recommendation system to introduce users to new products that suit them. The app was built using React Native, Python, SQLite, and Django. Because of my personal interest in the area and its applicability to my self-designed major, I was responsible for the front end of the app, including UI design and development in React Native. The final deliverable was a semi-complete app that serves as a proof of concept for further development.

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