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Linguistics and Cognitive Science

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2021 Maj A Wehrmeister


The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the need for online learning tools and sparked an interest in how students learn best and how they are motivated. Not a lot of research has been done using online learning platforms that incorporate elements of gamification. This study contributes to the field by looking at the effects of using an online learning platform, Kahoot!, on the retention and intrinsic motivation of participants. In this experiment, participants read a passage and then took a pre-test using either Kahoot! or Qualtrics that contained twenty multiple-choice questions about the content of the passage. All participants then completed a distractor task and took a post-test on Qualtrics containing the same twenty questions as before in a free-response format. Participants also answered questions from the Intrinsic Motivation Inventory. Results suggest that the type of learning platform used does not affect retention and does not affect motivation and interest in the task. Future research should continue to expand on studying Kahoot! and other online learning platforms to help determine how students learn best.

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