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Jennifer Ma

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Stacey Wood


Less than 1% of babies in the United States are delivered at home, yet out of those mothers who have had a home birth at least once, a majority of mothers report it be a more positive experience compared to hospital birth. This study will assess which birthing choice, hospital or home birth, leads to a more positive attachment outcome. Simultaneously, this study will address depression as well as midwifery and doulas in relation to attachment. Pregnant participants will be assessed during their pregnancy and after birth, using scales on maternal-fetal attachment, child attachment, and postpartum depression. Demographics also will be collected as well as qualitative data. The qualitative data will be used to confirm the quantitative data as well as give in-depth information from the point of view of the participants themselves. The main hypothesis of this study is that there will be a significant positive relationship between birthing choice and both maternal-fetal and child attachment. Furthermore, maternal-fetal attachment will show as a mediator between birthing choice and postpartum depression. Birthing choice will also be a mediator for postpartum depression and child attachment. The demographics will moderate birthing choice and both maternal-fetal and child attachment. The qualitative data will corroborate the hard data as well as give deeper insight as to the feelings and experiences of mothers in relation to their birthing choice.

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