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2020 Juliana M Favela


Through a series of acrylic paintings and watercolors, I set out to document emotions, feelings, and experiences that I’ve had through my personal process of healing. By engaging in meditations for each piece, I was able to decide on a set of motifs, symbols, colors, and messages that I wanted to portray. This paper discusses in more detail how I went about this process and what the significance of each piece is, in addition to my inspiration, my identity and its impacts on the work, as well as what I learned from this process. I argue that as we unravel our egos and peel back layers we can get to our true selves; in doing that we will be able to build ourselves back up after learning what caused pain and how to grow from that point.

As an artist I have grown immensely by stepping out of my comfort zone to work primarily with painting and gestures, and it was completely fulfilling, and I believe I was able to translate my messages through this series of works. In the future, as personal development does not just stop, I hope to continue this series and I will have a chance to do that next semester and add onto this project. While this project’s main message was healing, I am hoping to choose another theme for the next leg of the project, maybe regarding confidence and expression.

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