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Open Access Senior Thesis

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Bachelor of Arts



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Jennifer Ma

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Stacey Wood


Remote learning has become the new normal for students across the world due to the current pandemic. Especially for those children in crucial stages of their development, the social isolation that is a product of online schooling is concerning for parents and educators alike. This thesis proposes a 6 week virtual social intervention to promote social development for kindergarteners participating in remote learning. Participants will be assigned to either an intervention or control group, and will be assessed on social competence and social satisfaction before and after the intervention. The length of time that they spend in remote learning during the study will also be measured. It is expected that after controlling for length of time spent in remote learning, those in the intervention group will show a more significant improvement in social competence and social satisfaction than those in the control group. This research is expected to inform educators and families on how to provide virtual programming for children who need social development support, and to demonstrate the need for peer interaction and social and emotional based learning curriculums for children.