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Campus Only Senior Thesis

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Bachelor of Arts


Mathematical Economics

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Sean Flynn

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Mark Huber


In 2021, China has announced to implement a Three-Child Policy to stimulate people’s motivation to give birth. This measure allows Chines couples to have three children without any penalty for the purpose of bringing back the birth rate. The cost of raising children in China has deterred many people to give birth. The decreasing number of newborns each year illustrates the high pressure Chinese young people are currently facing- education, work, and the affordability of a house. These burdens lower people’s desire to purchase and to give birth, showing similar traits to Japan’s current low desire society. This study, thus, explores the effects of the factors- women in workforce, GDP per capita, working hours, and housing price- on low birth rate and older population in China. By using data collected from National Bureau and Census, Statista, and The World Bank Data, graphs and regression analysis are provided for concrete analysis. The results indicate that lowered birth rate and increased aging population are affected by many socioeconomic factors that would increase the pressure of living, such as housing price, consumer price index, and number of women in labor force. This phenomenon is now reforming the social norm of China.

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