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Open Access Senior Thesis

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Bachelor of Arts


Classical Languages

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Benjamin Keim

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David Roselli


This thesis project is a musical concept album adaptation of Homer’s classical epic the Iliad. Inspired by musicals like Hadestown, Les Miserables, and Hamilton as well as movies like O Brother Where Art Thou and musicians like Bob Dylan, this album seeks to enter the genre of Classical Reception Studies. The album consists of seven tracks all referencing moments within the poem, written from the perspective of the characters to inspire empathy within the audience. The content of this thesis includes detailed chord charts and audio demos of each song, as well as analyses of the lyrical, musical, and thematic choices featured in the tracks. In addition, there is a Literature Review into modern sources on interactions between Bard and Audience and modern studies into empathy in the creative arts to supplement the album’s attempt at interacting with the audience.

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