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Environmental Analysis

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Since the presidency of Enrique Peña Nieto, affordable housing developments in Mexico have been produced in a massive, unsustainable scale. The speed at which these developments are produced equates to the carelessness that goes into their planning. At large, the developments’ monotonous design is aesthetically dehumanizing and fails to promote a sense of community. These developments lack basic infrastructure, and their residents have abandoned them, which has incentivized increased criminal activity.

In this paper, I will be looking at successful models of affordable housing globally, exploring the histories of communal living, and function of architectural collages. Based on my findings, I will propose and present aspects which I think are critical to consider before creating a master plan for a social housing development. To gain access to the most diverse audience possible, I have displayed these considerations in collages. Each collage will highlight a specific aspect of the built environment of which I present (putting green areas at the forefront of design, communal kitchens and bathrooms, nightlights, community center/spiritual place etc.).