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2021 Kellie V Okamura


Photographs provide one of, if not, the most useful forms of marketing for online shopping. It is important that websites provide customers with the necessary cues needed to replace those that are typically given in a traditional face-to-face shopping experience. By understanding customers on a more personal level, brands can not only gain knowledge of, but apply successful marketing practices. Personality traits have been known to influence pictorial ad preferences. This study will use the Five Factor Model to further investigate the effect of personality traits on purchase intentions, specifically through product photographs. Participants will be put through a shopping simulation where they will be able to browse through products on a mock clothing website. Three categories (hoodies, tops, and pants) will display two products in each varying in human presence (model vs no model). Participants will be asked to select the product they would be more likely to purchase (add to cart). Participants will then be asked to complete items related to trust loyalty, and overall satisfaction with the brand. Lastly, participants will be asked to complete 8 extroversion items from the BFI (Big Five Inventory). With rapid advancements in technology, more brands have been moving towards an online market. Results from this study could provide useful information for brands on the importance of personality traits and human presence in alternative marketing practices.

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