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It had been nearly a week since the funeral, and Eddie Donovan couldn’t get it out of his mind. He hadn’t attended, but the event felt seared into his brain nonetheless; the creak of the pulleys as the casket sank into the grave, the clunk of gravel upon varnished wood as the old woman threw in the first handful of dirt. Eddie saw the old woman in his mind’s eye. He somehow knew what she had worn to the occasion: a bright yellow dress, like the color of midsummer wildflowers, gathered at the waist with a lavender ribbon. Strangely, Eddie wished he had been there to see the old woman’s dress, to look into her dry, bloodshot eyes from across the gravesite, watch them flit towards his and look through him, as though he had never existed, as though he were incorporeal. In truth, sometimes he felt like he was, in fact, incorporeal, that he had to draw the outline of his body in bold, black ink in order for people to see him.

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