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This thesis compares, and puts “classical” theorist in conversation with Rap artist and their lyrics. The Literary Side of Lyricism is a literary analysis of both famous literary theorist and famous rappers in order to start a conversation about why certain forms of writing is considered formal while other’s are not. With this thesis I would like to show that rap, along with other “non-conventional” forms of writing can be engaged with on a critical level. Theories are formed through all sorts of writing. I would like for the readers of this thesis to recognize the theories formed in rap lyrics as valid as critical writing appear in writing like this thesis, within dissertations, and throughout other forms of critical analyzation.

My thesis combines famous schools of thought with popular rap artist as a way to allow rap music to be engaged with and written about with the same artistic energy that is put into making the music in the first place. In order to talk about these literary schools of thought I believe it is important to include some very influential time periods, and literary theory writing eras and focus on both specific writers that are known for writing during that time, and compare them to rap artists who have lyrics and ideologies that are related to the specific styles of literary analysis that I chose.

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