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Bachelor of Science



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Linda Reinen

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Colin Robins


The study investigates the relationship between faults and gold deposits, specifically the possibility of using fault activity as an indicator for gold precipitation in quartz vein. The research focuses on the San Gabriel Mountain Range and aims to apply past research methodologies to a new area, as well as test an experimental method for predicting faults based on geochemical data. Results showed discrepancies between lab XRF and handheld XRF measurements, with the former providing more accurate results, yet the latter having more beneficial applications of mineral exploration. The experimental model was unsuccessful in predicting gold precipitation, but was able to identify a relationship between fault activity and the presence of barium. This allowed for the successful prediction of an unreported fault in the Dry Lake Canyon sample site. The study suggests that barium could be a useful proxy for fault activity but further research should be done to refine the methodology as well as produce more reliable results.

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