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Open Access Senior Thesis

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Bachelor of Arts



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Leila Mansouri

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Michelle Decker

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2023 Grace S Lyde


From the inside out:

The staff of the Gell-Mann Zweig Library are going through it. Edith, who had been transferred to another branch has just been transferred back and promoted, bumping their ex, Augustine, down a step. On their first day back, Edith ends up turning their contentious ongoing flirtationship with Heidi, a different co-worker, into… something else. Meanwhile, both Green and Heidi’s chronic nightmares have taken a turn for the strange devolving into encoded messages and countdowns.

And Felix is there. Doing his best.

Slowly but surely the five of them are going to have to grapple with the nature of their existence and the fact that it very well may be coming to an end.

From the outside in:

The Server is up for potential termination due to its lackluster results in an ongoing study of five rogue AI. As a final measure, the server’s creators, the observers, are shutting off observation for the next 60 days in hopes of a change, praying the old adage, “the watched pot never boils over,” will come through.