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Due to stigmatization of sex and insufficient sexual education, modern-day adolescents rely on free online pornography as a source of education about sex and relationships. This thesis provides a review of the connections between adolescent porn use and the socialization of sexual violence (SV) and coercion against women, comprehensive sex education (CSE) and healthy adolescent sexual development, and porn literacy (PL) and sexual attitude or behavior changes. Porn literacy aims to equip adolescents with tools to critically analyze sexualied media and messages, to empower them to make informed decisions to engage or disengage with porn and their sexuality in a safe and healthy manner. I propose a pilot study comprehensive sex education program with porn literacy topics that can be feasibly and effectively administered in a public San Diego 8th grade classroom to holistically prevent SV against women and support healthy adolescent sexual development. In this one-group design, participants (n=30) will complete a pre-test assessment before the first lesson and a post-test after the 12th and final session. Expected results, based on trends found in previous research, are a decrease in endorsements of sexually violent and gendered sexual scripts commonly found in porn, a decrease in general endorsements of sexual violence, and an increase in self-efficacy regarding various aspects of healthy adolescent sexual and relationship development from pre-test to post-test. Sexual self-efficacy in this study includes confidence in critically analyzing messages related to sex and gender, navigating healthy relationships, and locating support or further resources on healthy sexuality and SV. The findings from this pilot study could indicate a need for revisions to California’s sex education requirements to reflect a more realistic landscape of adolescent’s sexual socialization, which includes pornography, in order to holistically prevent sexual violence and move towards a sexually safe and equitable society.