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Campus Only Senior Thesis

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Bachelor of Arts



Reader 1

Kevin Williamson

Reader 2

Ronnie Brosterman


Modern and Contemporary Dance classes are seen to create a sense of community and self-worth. Through a literature review on Community Dance, this qualitative research project attempts to identify specific qualities of Community Dance that facilitators utilize in their classes to achieve this goal. After defining Community Dance and then summarizing the literature on how movement bonds participants, the project examines the different motivations that drive Community Dance facilitators: Artistic, Visionary, and Personal. The project then specifies the strategies of Repetition and Synchronization, and Rhythm and Sound, for facilitators to use in Modern and Contemporary Dance spaces, to develop individuality, self-worth, and solid connections or social bonds with others.

Observations of several Modern and Contemporary Dance classes record qualitative observations on how these practices are utilized, by identifying additional patterns that seem to unite the group and attempting to assess the overall sense of community built in these sessions, concluding with directions for future research.

An addendum to this project is a discussion of the choreographic project, 'Sinuosity,' and how the author utilized the choreographic process to explore building community.

This thesis is restricted to the Claremont Colleges current faculty, students, and staff.