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Art Conservation

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2023 Jasmine J Sloan


The difference between original and copy, appears deceptively clear cut. Generally, one would say that the original is what comes first, and the copy is what comes after. However, where should we place woodblock prints—whose originals are copies—in this dichotomy? While the medium of woodblock prints already complicates the question of originality, the existence of later-made reproductions—like replicas of ukiyo-e prints—further blur the lines of what is original. The question of originality is often tied up with preconceived ideas of authenticity and the value that comes with it, hence the copy or reproduction is often considered of less value by default. However, I propose that within the category of ukiyo-e woodblock print reproductions—where the concepts of originality and authenticity blur—there is great, often unrealized value in the reproduction.

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