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Former Naval Station Treasure Island in the San Francisco Bay is undergoing an expensive redevelopment process to be turned into a sustainable living community. However, the area has a long history of mishandled radioactive material, irresponsible behavior on behalf of authorities, environmental instability, lawsuits, and administrative complaints. This research project focuses on Treasure Island’s history and redevelopment plan, utilizing San Francisco government documents, local newspapers, literature on environmental justice and racism, and state legislation to draw conclusions on the efficacy of the project from a sustainability standpoint and the responsibilities of the planners and developers. After providing a historical overview of the site and including the perspectives of City developers, officials, Treasure Island residents, and activists, I situate the redevelopment design plan within environmental justice and circular sustainable design models to emphasize how the project is lacking in long-term sustainability and social responsibility. This policy analysis shifts into an argument against continuing to build housing on the island and posits affordable housing development and office-to-housing conversion in downtown San Francisco as a better alternative. Throughout the paper I argue that Treasure Island is not safe for long-term habitation.