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This thesis focuses on how counselors at Bearskin Meadow Camp approach care as medical and social caregivers to campers with Type One Diabetes (T1D). T1D is a chronic illness that involves constant self-regulation. The counselors, many of whom are past campers and live with T1D themselves, are personally invested in providing care and support to the campers. Their personal motivations as well as the intentional approach to care of Bearskin Meadow shapes camp as a unique space of diabetes care. The care they practice works against some aspects of mainstream biomedical care of T1D, such as the tendency to classify blood sugars as “good” or “bad.” Counselors at Bearskin Meadow perform repetitive rituals that center around daily management of T1D as well as fun and pleasure. Through these rituals, counselors work to change campers’ moral and affective approaches to managing T1D.