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Humanities: Interdisciplinary Studies in Culture

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In this thesis, I will argue that Baba Yaga’s prevalence in Russia’s culture and media provide a unique opportunity to gain insight into the junctures between the climate crisis and gender inequality in Russia. Despite the persistent gender inequities present in current Russian society, ecofeminist frameworks and ideologies are already deeply embedded in Russian culture. Women, as a group, have always been politically active in Russia, from resisting the introduction of Christianity in the 9th century, to the feminist resistance group Pussy Riot founded in 2011. I will examine Baba Yaga’s history, her role in the Russian folktale, and her associated symbols and objects through an ecofeminist lens. To do this, I will examine the unique qualities of the folklore genre, analyze two famous folktales containing Baba Yaga that exemplify her potential as an ecofeminist icon, and briefly discuss the significance of the environment where Baba Yaga lives.