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Especially in recent years, Asian media has grown to popularity in the United States, such as Japanese anime and Korean-pop (K-pop). With more types of people outside of Asia consuming and creating their own perceptions of Asian people based on this media, instances of racism and fetishization may be affecting how Asian Americans interact with it. In the present research, this interaction and its interaction with one’s level of ethnic identity, along with how it differs from non-Asian Americans, will be studied through surveys measuring participants’ self-reported levels of racism experienced, fetishization experienced, ethnic identity, and level of media consumption. The target population will be adults in the United States and the sample population will include adults aged 18-42 of all races and genders living in Southern California. It is expected that results will support the hypotheses that higher levels of fetishized experiences and racism will be significantly associated with lower levels of ethnic identity and cultural media consumption, along with the hypothesis that lower levels of ethnic identity will also be significantly associated with lower levels of cultural media consumption. It is also anticipated that overall Asian participants will consume less cultural media than non-Asian participants. This research will provide more context to the experiences of Asian Americans, especially in a modern media lens, and is expected to aid the progression of higher general well-being by educating the public on the complex impacts of racism and fetishization.

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