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During COVID-19 there has been a general increase in prolonged stress amongst college students. This proposed study intends to examine the effectiveness of a shortened MBSR treatment program at reducing stress amongst undergraduate college students during the transitional period of reducing COVID-19 restrictions and returning to campus. If approved, 786 participants will be recruited from three undergraduate programs of southern California universities (LMU, USC, UCLA). Participants will be sorted into control and treatment groups, and both groups will have their stress level recorded before and after treatment as well as at a six-month check in. If found to be an effective treatment at reducing stress, the results would illustrate the applicability of an original adapted MBSR treatment with students, even with the increase of general stress and psychopathology that the pandemic has caused. Additionally, the results would offer new avenues of stress management to students that are adapted specifically to fit the demands of their educational role.

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