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Campus Only Senior Thesis

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Bachelor of Arts

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Pete Chandrangsu

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Anna Wenzel


Antibiotic resistance is becoming a serious issue worldwide and may lead to a future where many bacterial diseases become untreatable. This study aimed to combat this problem by investigating the antibacterial properties of copper and cannabidiol, two forms of traditional medicine, when used simultaneously against the Gram-positive pathogenic bacteria S. aureus. Both the checkerboard assay and time-kill assay were used. An average FIC of 0.9601 was generated from the checkerboard assay, showing an additive relationship between the two compounds. The time-kill assay results found an indifferent relationship between the two compounds. These results are preliminary, but indicate a need for future study. Based on these results, the antibacterial efficacy of a combined CBD and copper treatment is promising and certainly worthy of future research.

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