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This proposed study aims to explore factors that may decrease professor compliance with their disabled students’ documented academic accommodations, including pre-existing ableist beliefs held by professors, race of the disabled student, and visibility of the student’s disability. Participants will consist of undergraduate professors from colleges and universities across the United States, varying in size and geographical location. Participants will complete scales to assess their ableist beliefs, and will be asked to report their likelihood of complying with, or fully meeting, various disabled students’ documented accommodations. It is expected that results will reveal that professors who hold more ableist beliefs tend to be less likely to fully comply with a disabled student’s academic accommodations, and that participants will report the least likelihood of full compliance with academic accommodations for Black disabled students and students with non-apparent disabilities. This proposed study may add to the currently scarce pool of psychological research about ableism and disability discrimination. Results of this proposed study may increase societal understanding of and awareness about disability discrimination within the United States higher education system, and may lead to salient social change to solve this injustice.