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Bachelor of Arts



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Theodore Bartholomew

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Stacey Wood


This psychology research explores the concept of generational trauma, specifically within the context of the Iranian Revolution, an area that has been understudied compared to well- established research on the Holocaust. Through previous research, it has been revealed that children of individuals who experienced trauma are known to carry their own psychological burdens due to their parents' symptoms, manifesting as generational trauma. The Iranian Revolution, known for causing significant trauma and psychological distress, presents a crucial yet overlooked area for investigating the generational effects of trauma. The study focuses on evaluating the impact of generational trauma on individuals' levels of stress, anxiety, and ethnic identity in the aftermath of the Iranian Revolution. Additionally, the research investigates the role of storytelling in influencing the psychological well-being of the offspring of those who lived through the revolution. With these factors in mind, the goal of this study is to contribute to the understanding of generational trauma in the specific context of the Iranian Revolution, shedding light on its effects on stress, anxiety, ethnic identity, and the potential mitigating role of storytelling.

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