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This thesis evaluates the costs and benefits of tourism in Bali, employing a mixed-methods approach. The analysis focuses on economic impacts, including employment, income distribution, and contribution to the gross domestic product. Using changes in trends due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this thesis highlights Bali’s reliance on tourism and the risks of export-oriented growth. Simultaneously, this thesis draws upon theory and qualitative data to explore socio-cultural implications, considering community perceptions, cultural integrity, and the evolving local identity within the tourism landscape. This thesis also assesses environmental sustainability, examining issues around waste generation, and water scarcity. Taking into consideration these three main factors; socio-economic, environmental, and cultural, this thesis aims to provide a holistic image of the costs and benefits of tourism in Bali.

Acknowledging the dynamic nature of Bali's tourism sector, the research considers policy evolution, market trends, and external factors. The aim is to provide a cost-benefit analysis of tourism in Bali providing practical insights for sustainable tourism development, offering guidance to policymakers, industry stakeholders, and local communities in fostering a balanced coexistence between tourism, cultural preservation, and environmental stewardship.

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