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Spring 2014

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Campus Only Senior Thesis

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Bachelor of Arts


Media Studies

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Ming Yuen S. Ma

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Nancy Macko

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This thesis is a project-based work accompanied by this short, written component. Entitled, Radical Roleplayers, the project takes the form of a digital roleplaying blog in which the the translation of roleplaying and identity performance is translated from a digital space to the organic, or “real world” environment. The blog serves to critically dissect my own roleplaying, and to challenge what it means to be a roleplayer both in gamespace and online by stepping outside of the rules that allow the community to remain insular and uncontested. Radical Roleplayers explores how I, as a gamer, identify with my digital self, and how I have explored identity through my avatars, role playing games, and game creation. In the form of roleplaying journals, videos, and other digital content, the blog challenges what we know about gaming, identity, and roleplaying, and explore ways in which the notion of radical play allows gamers to develop methods of resistance, expression, control, and safety. Please navigate to to experience the project.


Please visit the blog to experience the project.

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