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Spring 2014

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Open Access Senior Thesis

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Bachelor of Arts



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David Hansen

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Nora Sullivan

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Chlorhexidine mouth rinses remove dental plaque from teeth, preventing dental caries, dental decay, and more serious systemic infections. Tooth discoloration due to extrinsic staining is the most prominent side effect of regular chlorhexidine use. Decreasing the concentration of chlorhexidine reduces staining area and severity. Staining can also be prevented and treated by tooth bleaching, a common cosmetic dental procedure that diminishes extrinsic staining by oxidizing chromagens adsorbed onto the tooth surface. In the proposed trial, common bleaching agents will be investigated for their efficacies in preventing chlorhexidine staining. Results of the trial could further the development of a chlorhexidine mouth rinse that is suitable for long term use.