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Nancy Williams

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Minh Ngyuen

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Preliminary NMR data indicate that a new platinum compound, assigned (TpyO)PtMe (TpyO = 2,6-bis-(2’pyridyl)-4-pyridonate), can be synthesized by the addition of impure trans-(DMSO)2PtMeCl to impure 2,6-bis(2’-pyridyl)-4-hydroxypyridine (TpyOH) in the presence of NEt3 in about 10% yield. It is likely that the yield could be increased by using purified TpyOH and (DMSO)2PtMeCl. The metalation step of the synthesis was also attempted using (COD)PtMeCl but was unsuccessful with either Na2CO3 or NEt3 as bases, most likely due to the chelate effect of the bidentate COD. Future work with (TpyO)PtMe will include the addition of H+/D+ to generate the platinum (IV) complex, [(TpyO)Pt(Me)(H)]+, and/or the σ-complex [(TpyO)Pt(Me-H)]+ in order to examine the kinetic, isotope, and thermodynamic effects of the resulting reductive elimination reaction.

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