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Comprehensive sex education is a determinant of sexual health outcomes and healthy sexual/reproductive behaviors. The need for engaging, accessible, inclusive sex education conducted by community health workers is necessary to combat larger national issues such as the rising rates of sexually transmitted infections. After conducting summer research where I interviewed health educators about what makes health education programs successful, I planned, implemented, and created a sex education program at Scripps College. The event covered the topics of female anatomy, sexually transmitted infections, safer sex/barrier methods, and consent/communication in sexual relationships. The presentation mainly consisted of a PowerPoint that was supplemented with an interactive activity, a raffle and giveaway items, demonstrations of various barrier methods, and a question-and-answer session at the end. Through an evaluative survey, I received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback that indicated that many students learned new information and were likely to make concrete changes to their sexual/reproductive choices because of the program. The most common critical feedback requested that this program be repeated in more depth and cover additional topics such as conception and female orgasm.

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