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Ronnie Brosterman

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Gail Abrams

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Femininity and Dance at the Interface of Performance: An exploration of Femininity through Performance in Suit Up, a choreographic/performance dance thesis compiles the research behind Suit Up, a ten-minute dance for six women, which investigates the performance of femininity, and provides a deep analysis of the choreography of Suit Up. This thesis looks at all elements that went into the production of Suit Up and explores the relationship a woman has with her femininity and the performance of her femininity. This thesis focuses specifically on the gestures that the particular women in this piece associate with their femininity and what this means when femininity and dance are explored together as performance. This is by no means a comprehensive thesis about the concept of femininity, but it begins to investigate the idea that women perform femininity in different contexts. What are the various ways in which femininity can be performed, including for one’s own self? A video of Suit Up is available at Scripps Dance.

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