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HIV is one of the world’s most potent killers. It’s a name we have most likely heard of before, and yet there are aspects of this disease that do not get as much of the spotlight. One such aspect of HIV is adherence. Adherence is a colossal issue when dealing with anti-retroviral (ART) medications. A lack of adherence to ART dosage can lead to viral immunity and even AIDS if not treated. Despite many attempts from providers to solve the issue of adherence, studies tell us that the challenges of adherence lie within deep-seeded sociocultural and economic backgrounds. As a result, an anthropological approach seems necessary in order to grasp these challenges. Overall, I believe that adherence is learned and innate. I aim to prove this by exploring the various provider discourses regarding HIV adherence by delving into the history of AIDS, the patient/provider hierarchy, and media representations of HIV.

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