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Mexico is in the midst of a public health crisis. A country formerly plagued by malnutrition and malaria is now host to obesity, diabetes, and other nutrition-related issues. Despite public policy efforts by the Mexican government, rates of obesity and non-communicable diseases steadily rise. The persistence of the crisis is the result of legislation that does not properly address the crisis. The efforts made by the Mexican government only address the education of consumers and consumer protection. Policies are limited by corporate power and corporate influence throughout Mexico. The public health crisis is a result of underlying political economy issues. These issues include poverty, unemployment, migration, and in particular, the loss of farmers’ jobs in Mexico. Public policy functions to treat the symptoms of the public health crisis not fully acknowledging the root causes of the crisis. This thesis will attempt to assess the effectiveness of public policy as it exists in Mexico and address the ways in which the policies fail to challenge the foundational issues that are a result of neoliberal trade policy and corporate power.

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