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The purpose of this study proposal is to examine the peer relationships of adolescents with chronic conditions, particularly as a result of spending less time at school and socializing with peers, and more time at home or in the healthcare system. Participants will be 50 adolescents with chronic conditions, 50 healthy adolescents attending regular schools, and 50 homeschooled adolescents. They will complete a variety of questionnaires relating to activity restriction, best friendship quality, number of friends, peer-group attachment, relationships with selected adults, and parent-child relationships. Information about the chronic condition and school attendance will also be collected. It is predicted that despite experiencing a high quality best friendship, adolescents with chronic conditions will have fewer friends and worse peer-group attachment. There is also expected to be an inverse relationship between both activity restriction and absenteeism and peer-group attachment and number of friends. This study proposal has several implications for healthcare practitioners, school administrators, and parents: particularly, that more should be done to integrate adolescents with chronic conditions into schools and social activities.

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