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Silicon Valley is known for its amazing workspace and perks. Due to Equity Theory and Two-factor Theory, employees should be content and stay longer. However, studies have found that there's a higher rate of job-hopping, which seems like a contradiction (Fallick et al, 2006). Participants were 135 engineers, ages 18 to 35 years old, who completed an online survey looking at job satisfaction, job expectations, perk usage, employee perception of perks, personal equity sensitivity, and comparison others. Recruitment was done through personal connections in the Bay Area and various social media sites that are targeted towards engineers. Results did not show that job satisfaction influenced job expectations while individual differences in equity didn’t influence perk usage, perceptions of job expectations. In conclusion, this research adds to the dearth of literature about Silicon Valley, and, more broadly, explored a link between Equity Theory and Two-Factor Theory that had not been previously examined.