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Organizational learning is a topic that has been widely studied under a number of different approaches. The common, essential themes that are present in any theory of organizational leaning reflect the necessity of balancing explorative and exploitative tendencies within organizations. Organizational learning is the key to organizational effectiveness and development, and involves a collective action and mindset that allows for the reflection of current processes and the reevaluation of the efficiency of these processes within organizational structures. In this way, knowledge is embedded into organizational systems so that continuous learning can be implemented on an organizational scale. As a result, a culture of continually restructuring the organization will be established, resulting in the maximizing of organizational growth and efficiency. Although the topic has been proven to be heavily theory-based, there have been numerous cases in which organizational learning was successfully implemented, resulting in organizational flourishing. All organizations are capable of becoming learning organizations, and should seek to practice organizational learning for the purpose of growth in both individuals and organizations.