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The Gig-Economy is an alternative way of describing a world where long-term employees turn into short-term independent contractors in charge of their own careers. The cross-sectional half of the current study will gather data from multiple generations of professionals and emerging professionals that assesses their career adaptabilities, gender, marital status, presence of children, and preference for the Gig Economy. Previous research has not analyzed these factors in combination with each other. The Millennial participants from the cross-sectional portion of the study will be tested once every five years as they progress through their careers on these same measures. Millennials will have more career adapt abilities than other generations, and will prefer the Gig Economy more than other generations. However, females will prefer the Gig Economy more than men, as it provides for more flexibility. Those who are married and especially those with children will prefer the Gig Economy more than those who are unmarried or without children. The information from the current study will be helpful to anyone currently working in or about to start working. It will allow career counselors information with which to best guide Millennials and all those struggling to find their way in the Gig Economy.

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