Submissions from 2016


Backward Compatibility Effects in Younger and Older Adults, Alan Hartley, François Maquestiaux, Sara B. Festini, Kathryn Frazier, and Patricia J. Krimmer

Submissions from 2013


Performing Archive: Curtis and the "vanishing race”, Amy Borsuk '14, Beatrice Schuster '14, David J. Kim, Heather Blackmore, Jacqueline Wernimont, and Ulia Gosart

Submissions from 2011


Input, Retention, and Output Factors Affecting Adult Age Differences in Visuospatial Short-Term Memory, Alan Hartley, Deborah M. Little, Nicole K. Speer '99, and John Jonides

Submissions from 2001


Is the Dissociability of Working Memory Systems for Name Identity, Visual-Object Identity, and Spatial Location Maintained in Old Age?, Alan Hartley, Nicole K. Speer '99, John Jonides, Patricia A. Reuter-Lorenz, and Edward E. Smith

Submissions from 2000


Locating and Fractionating Working Memory Using Functional Neuroimaging: Storage, Maintenance, and Executive Functions, Alan Hartley and Nicole K. Speer '99

Submissions from 1986


Cognitive Training Using Self-Discovery Methods, Joan W. Anderson, Alan Hartley, Rhonda Bye '82, Kent D. Harber '79, and Ophelia L. White '80