Memorial/Double Pump Laplace II, was a site specific installation, based on narratives from the dying of Davies’ father, in hospital in 2001. The work is an intersection between the experiences of the rituals of blood matching, sampling and testing and a current research project by physicist Dr. Peter Domachuk, looking into the development of silk implantable biophotonic chips allowing real time measurement of the properties of blood while that blood is within the body. In the body's circulatory system relatively impermeable membranes are often selectively permeable; objects make their own way where they choose and in their own time. Some things pass and some are caught or retained. The silk covers on the museum cabinets are translucent rather than perfectly transparent as in the biophotonic chips and so limit the amount of visual information that is allowed to pass encouraging a new way of seeing or of accessing information.

Author/Artist Bio

Fiona Davies is part of a three way collaboration of ideas between a physicist, Dr. Peter Domachuk, a writer, Dr. Lee Anne Hall and herself a visual artist. This collaboration, Blood on Silk will run for a minimum of three years. Davies has Applied Science and Visual Arts undergraduate degrees and a Master in Fine Arts by research from Monash University, Monash, Australia.

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Creative Commons License
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