Cloud-hunter Ioannis ΜICHALOU(di)S, lies in wait of air streams, grapping pieces of sky, shaping them, molding them, and baptizing them as ‘aerosculptures’. MICHALOU(di)S is the first visual artist worldwide to use art and science in a unique way. His latest Art-Science achievement is ‘Bottled Sky’. He states:

“In October 2001, while I was trying to create a cubic nephele, in the Visual Arts Research Centre of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), I came upon the silica aerogel for the first time... It is a space technology material, intangible -consisting of 99.9% air and 0.1% glass - which has been recently used by N.A.S.A for the collection of stardust. Its ethereal beauty and its optical properties - similar to those of heaven- have entirely paired with my years - long artistic quest for an omniabsence. I was looking for a cloud and I found heaven ...With their transparent and weightless composition, aer()sculptures break down the limits of Euclidean geometry and open up the way to representative space of Poincaré and Picasso. They become a bridge between what is real and what is true, demonstrating the fine-woven celestial world as the only source of the sense of light. Incarnation and dematerialization, presence and absence, nano & giga are some of the pairs of concepts that go along with each reading of the aer()sculptures.”

Author/Artist Bio

Dr. Ioannis ΜICHALOU(di)S is a Lecturer at the School of Design & Art, Curtin University, in Australia. In September 2008, visual artist Michalous published the web site www.skyforsale.com where he sells his art-science creations- vials of 20 and 30 ml of silica aerogel with a unique and different feather cloud into each vial. In 1989 he graduated from the Technical Educational Institute of Athens (Decoration Section, cloth design specialization) and continued his studies in France. In 1991 he obtained a diploma of Arts Deco and in 1992 a Master's Degree in Plastic Arts of Sorbonne University. In 1998, he obtained a PhD in Plastic Arts and Visual Arts at the University of Paris I, Panthéon-Sorbonne in 1998. From 2001 to 2003 he carried out his postdoctoral research in Art and Science in Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

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