Art education in a public space can be a venue for the blending of art and science. As a Contemporary Art Start educator for the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), Los Angeles, I have experienced the many ways in which transdisciplinary education creates deeper student understanding and engagement. At MOCA we use Visual Thinking Strategies for student tours, a research-based teaching method that invites students to direct gallery discussions. We visit a few artworks for ten to fifteen minutes each to foster critical thinking and encourage students to bring personal knowledge and experience to the conversation.

Author/Artist Bio

Kaileena Flores-Emnace is a visual arts educator and works as a museum educator at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the Skirball Cultural Center. She serves on the Board of Museum Educators of Southern California and on the Blueprint for Creative Schools Task Force, appointed by the California State Superintendent. Kai is expected to graduate with her M.A. in Arts Management from Claremont Graduate University in May 2013.


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