It has been stated that artists comprehend and chronicle the completeness of the visible world (Wallach & Bret, 1987), defining Art as the creative expression of knowledge about the visual world. But to what extent does that awareness extend into a scientific appreciation of the world? The acronym STEAM is an abbreviation of Science, Technology, Electronics, Arts and Mathematics. Weaving interactions between Science and Art, have been shown by Clarke and Button (Clarke & Button, 2011), to intensify interconnections between nature, with Landscape, and ultimately with sustainability.

Author/Artist Bio

Natasha E. A. Hall is an Artist & PhD research student at Universidad de Les Illes Balears, España. I would like to thank the following: Sara Kapadia for the encouragement; The Royal Academy Library for access to their resources, and specifically the guided tour by the very knowledgeable Richard Goodenough, and the related talk and creative workshop with the artist Paul Brandford; The British Library, and the expertise of the research assistant Jeremy Joseph Nagel; Science Reading Room, 2nd Floor. I would also like to thank my supervisor Catalina Canterellas, and the research facilities of the University of the Balearic Islands (UIB). Finally, I would like to thank my family and friends for supporting and inspiring my research. Please see www.natasha-hall.com and my email is art@natasha-hall.com

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Creative Commons License
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