Traditional partnerships in K-12 public education often produce low-level organizational engagement among its partners—one partner funds, the other uses the funds Typically a “partner in education” donates funds, which may benefit students through the purchase of new equipment, staff development experiences, or scholarships. In some cases, an organization may send an expert over to speak with the students about their field. This type of philanthropic outreach is indispensable for schools that need additional support and important for students to gain information from the “real world” but does not necessarily translate into deep, meaningful academic impact.

Author/Artist Bio

Chad W. Mote directed the creation of the first rural, STEAM charter school of Georgia as STEAM Coordinator, Board Member for the Steffen Thomas Museum of Art, and Project Director of a Race to the Top, Venture grant. He is currently working as an Assistant Principal for the Rockdale College and Career Academy while completing his dissertation on innovation in the charter sector through the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education, Ed. Leadership program.

Karen Strelecki has been with the Steffen Thomas Museum of Art for 10 years, serving in many capacities. Strelecki is currently the Deputy Director and Arts Outreach Coordinator as well as being a professional illustrator and a member of the Madison Artists Guild Board.

Kate Johnson is an Art Educator at the Union Point STEAM Academy, a dynamic Artist, and Photographer.

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Creative Commons License
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